Teachable Review [2021]: Is It The #1 Choice For New Course Creators?

I’ve been using Teachable for the last 10 months to sell my affiliate marketing Bootcamp course through a sales funnel and Facebook Ads so I think I have a very good grasp of how valuable this platform can be for course sellers.

In this Teachable Review, I will provide you with every Information I have regarding Teachable, all the features this platform provides, its pricing, and my honest opinion so that you can decide whether this platform is best for you or not.

If you are looking for the best online platform to sell your courses and you are confused whether Teachable can be the right platform for you or there is some other platform that is better than teachable.

There is no doubt that Teachable is one of the most popular platforms to sell courses online because it provides freedom for course creators to self-host all the courses rather than hosting them on platforms like Udemy.

So, without wasting any time let’s get started!

What Is Teachable?

Teachable is a platform for course creators to sell courses and memberships online, it’s a very advanced platform with multifunctional features. The popularity of this platform is very high because of its features, and easy-to-use interface. Overall, I think it’s a very solid platform.

Whenever we talk about selling courses and memberships online, the one thing that always comes to our minds is how good the checkout process is and that’s where Teachable provides top-notch value to its users.

One more thing that is highly noticeable about Teachable is its popularity among the big companies whose business is all around selling their courses.

Many people prefer to use Teachable because they don’t want to host their course on platforms like Udemy. After all, there are thousands of courses hosted on Udemy which can make your course disappear from that many courses.

Teachable Features & Benefits

Now let’s talk about the features of Teachable to see the real value of this platform.

Course Builder

This is the feature specialized to organize how your course series will look like. This feature can be tricky for some people initially, but once you will use the platform more and more, you will understand everything very easily.

The curriculum section on the left side of the menu is the section where we can edit our course. You can upload all sorts of multimedia in the course like audio, video, and PDF.

You can also add quizzes, text, and coding to your lectures. The course builder is very advanced and anyone can use it easily by clicking and dragging to rearrange the lectures.

Teachable Review

If you’ll attach any files like PDFs, and videos with your lecture then your students will have the option to download them.

Teachable also lets you make some lectures available for a free preview. This feature can help you to get more people to enroll in your course because they’ll get an overview of your course.


Creating quizzes in Teachable is very easy and it helps you to know how much your students are learning. It is also a very helpful feature to keep interacting with your students.

Basically, there are not any advanced features for quizzes, but still, you can send text-based quizzes to your students to keep improving their knowledge regarding the course.

Custom Branding

You can make your website branding according to your choice by removing the teachable branding but you can only remove teachable branding if you buy the Pro plan.

You can also do these various things to add custom branding to your website and course like adding a logo, adding a favicon, choose your favorite font, and color scheme.

Course Delivery

Now that we know about course builder, Delivering the course at the right time and in the right way is also important and let’s see how good it is teachable in it.

Teachable does provide features like live classes, providing a certificate of completion, student discussions, and scheduling your course so let’s dive deep and know more about it.

Drip Schedule

Just as its name suggests, it is a feature for course creators to schedule the course sections at the time of their choice. It can be a very helpful feature for students because they will not rush to complete the whole course in a week.

Teachable basically provides two methods to schedule your course for your students. One is by providing after a certain period of days from the time of student’s enrollment and the other is at a specific date.

Live Classes

Live classes are the best way to keep interacting with your students and you can also answer your student’s queries regarding your course content.

Although, a Third-party platform and a little bit of coding knowledge are required for the Live stream which I think could have been better if these things would have not required.

Certificate Of Completion

Now, this is an exciting feature for both you and your students. When your students will complete the whole course then you provide them a certificate of completion.

Honestly, Many people take different courses just because they want a certificate to reflect what they know about a certain topic.

Teachable Review

Your students will also be motivated to complete the course to get the certificate and you should definitely use this feature.

You can either use Teachable pre-build certificate templates or you can create a certificate from the blank and edit the various things in it like the color scheme, adding your signature, edit text, etc.

Student Discussions

This is a basic feature in which both students and instructors can discuss through comments to interact with each other and it is a little bit like a community.

You have the freedom whether you want your students to add images with comments and you also have the power to moderate and edit each comment.


Creating and delivering a course is not the only thing you should look for in a course platform, Marketing features should also be top-notch.

Next up in this Teachable Review, Let’s know about the marketing features teachable will provide us to market our course in the best possible way.

Site Builder

Creating a beautiful website to sell your courses is a must and that’s what Teachable provides us. You can also add a custom domain to your website.

The site builder is very simple and easy to use and it provides us with so many customization options.

Teachable Review

You can add various elements like text, images, Html, and videos through content blocks and you can also decide the alignment of the elements like left, right, or middle.

A small downside in this feature is that whenever you change anything in the website, you can’t see the preview in real-time although you can see the preview of every block.

Checkout Page

Having beautiful and professional checkout pages is important to sell your courses. Teachable lets you customize checkout pages so that you can design them according to you.

You can write a little bit about the course when editing the checkout page, and can also add two testimonials.

Course Bundles

Bundling your course and selling them as a package can really boost your sales. Also adding a little bit of discount in it can drastically increase your course sales.

These kinds of features can really push your customers to buy your course. Those who have already enrolled for your course will automatically get your future courses in the bundle.


Coupons are another great marketing strategy to really push people to avail themselves of the coupons to save money and get the maximum benefit.

You have the option to either create coupons for all your courses or you can create coupons for a specific course.

You can decide various things like how much discount you are willing to give people, the expiry date of the coupon, and setting up the coupon code, etc.

Affiliate Management System

Letting affiliate marketers promote your courses and bringing sales of your courses is a great way to boost your course sales.

In return, these affiliate marketers will receive some percentage of the sale they will bring to you.

I would highly recommend you to use this marketing tactic to give your courses more exposure.

Sales Tracker System

Tracking your courses and revenue sales is a very important aspect to keep your business up to date. It also helps in analyzing in which part your marketing strategy needs improvement.

You can check how many total sales you have generated, how much sales are generated through affiliate marketers, and sales are generated with the help of coupons.

Other information like the total number of refunds, affiliate earnings, and chargebacks can also be tracked in this sales tracker system.


When it comes to collecting payments you can link your bank account to collect payments in any currency you want.

There will also be a processing fee to process your payments which can differ according to different plans.

If we talk about how your students can pay for your course then there are also very good options like debit card, credit card, Google Pay, PayPal, and Apple pay.

You can either charge your students for your courses as a one-time payment, monthly payment, or subscription-based payment.

Legal And Security

Oftentimes whenever anyone is looking to purchase anything online, the first thing they may look at is how secure the platform is because they will be adding sensitive information like credit card or debit card information.

Teachable provides a very secure platform and safe environment for their customers when it comes to security.

Teachable follows GDPR law which protects the data and privacy of the customer’s information. It also has secure AWS storage and it’s also SSL encrypted platform. So, overall teachable is a very safe and secure platform.

Mobile Application

Teachable also has an iOS mobile app that can help your students and they can benefit from your course whenever they want with the help of the mobile app.

I think it’s a decent mobile app but it could have been better if the app has more advanced features and some users also reported that the app is a little bit buggy.

Overall, it’s a pretty decent mobile app that is only available to Apple users but if you want to watch the course in the best possible way then I would recommend you to use a PC or laptop.

Customer Support

This is as equally important as other features especially when you are looking to sell your courses or products online because if you face any problem then you can contact the support team to sort out your problem or query.

Teachable provides some self-help articles to sort out your basic queries and you can also read these articles to know how to use all the features of the teachable.

The first thing I look for in any customer support is whether the chat support is available or not and teachable does provide chat support but for only professional and business plans.

Customer support through opening the support tickets is available for all the plans. The knowledge base is also available for everyone and overall the support of teachable is good.


If anyone wants to take the maximum benefit of any online platform then Integrations with other third-party platforms are crucial.

Integrating Teachable with platforms like Google Analytics, MailChimp, Zapier, Shopify, Zoom, and Zapier can help you in so many ways to sell and market your courses.

Platforms like WordPress, Wix, Weebly, and Squarespace can also be integrated with Teachable. 

Integrating the platforms I mentioned above with Teachable can drastically improve the features and it will give you more power to add advanced features to teachable.

Teachable Demo

Is Teachable The Right Platform For You?

Teachable is one of the most popular teaching platforms. It is an easy-to-use platform with multifunctional features and its Integration with other platforms makes this platform super powerful.

Using Teachable is a lot easier compared to its competitors like Kajabi. It depends on you what you are looking to get in the platform in your budget.

Pricing wise it can be too much for some people especially in the beginning but if you a good budget then Teachable can be the right platform for you.

It depends from person to person what exactly they are looking for in a platform. In my opinion, Teachable is a quite solid platform although you can also compare Teachable with other teaching platforms in the market.

Teachable Cost & Pricing

Teachable charges their customers on a Monthly or Yearly basis and they offer three plans to their customers but paying it annually can save you lots of money.

I would recommend you to choose any plan according to the features you will require for business although all three plans have almost the same features.

The main difference between the basic plan and the other two plans are the percentage of transaction fees, number of admin-level users, course completion certificate, Affiliate management system, etc.

Basic Plan – $39/Month

It is the most basic plan of Teachable which provides features like unlimited students, course product, add custom domain, Instant payments, coupon codes, 2 admin-level users, and noticeably five percent transaction fee.

Pro Plan – $119/Month

This is the recommended plan by Teachable because it has almost all the features you may require.

You will get every feature of Basic Plan plus No transaction fee, 5 admin-level users, graded quizzes, affiliate management system, No Teachable branding, advanced analytics, course completion certificate, and much more.

Business Plan – $299/Month

This is the best plan of teachable which includes all the features of basic and pro plans and the features of this plan are amazing.

Features like 20 admin-level users, group coaching calls, custom user roles, enrolment of students in bulk, importing the students manually, advanced theme customizing, and much more.

Is Teachable Worth It?

In my opinion, Teachable is worth it because it has everything a course seller would want in a platform and there are not many downsides of this platform you can find other than some basic ones.

If budget is your problem then you can go with its basic plan because you can’t find less price than its basic plan in any other teaching platform.

Features wise I like Teachable and it also has other things like an affiliate management system, Integrations with lots of third-party platforms, good customer support and it’s also a secure platform.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Next up in this Teachable Review, Let’s talk about some Frequently asked questions about Teachable.

Is Teachable Legit?

Yes, of course, Teachable is a very legit platform and more than 120,000 instructors are already using Teachable.

Is Teachable Secure?

Yes, Teachable follows the GDPR law to secure the data and privacy of their user’s information which makes teachable a fully safe platform.

Is Teachable Mobile Friendly?

Yes, Teachable is a fully mobile-friendly platform that works exceptionally well on every platform like mobile, tab, or computer.

Does Teachable Have A Free Plan?

Yes, Teachable does offer a Free plan but only for 14 days to test the platform

Can I Create a Membership Site Using Teachable?

Yes, Creating membership sites with Teachable is possible and it can be a good way to earn recurring income.

Does Teachable Have an Inbuilt Email Marketing System?

Yes, Teachable has its own Inbuilt email marketing system which you can use to send emails to your students.

Teachable Alternatives

Next up in this Teachable Review we’ll talk about Teachable alternatives. If for some reason you think Teachable isn’t the right platform for you then you can start to check out other platforms which are alternatives to Teachable.

  • Podia
  • Thinkific
  • LearnWorlds
  • Kajabi

Teachable Review Conclusion

I really hope that this Teachable Review would have helped you to know everything about Teachable.

In my opinion, Teachable is a top-notch platform and it has everything a course seller or a teacher would require.

If you are still confused whether Teachable is the right platform for you or not then I would highly recommend you to try their Free plan by signing up for a free account and then you can have a better Idea about Teachable.

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