Teachable vs Podia [2021]: Which Is The Better Course Platform?

Teachable and Podia are some of the best platforms to sell online courses, But if you are confused about which one will be the platform for you out of these two platforms then I will help you decide in this Teachable vs Podia Comparison post.

If we look at the features of Teachable and Podia both platforms are quite similar in what they offer to their users and that’s also a reason it’s tough to choose one platform between these two.

Both platforms host the content of their users in the form of courses and then provide a payment processor to collect the payment and then smoothly deliver your content to your students.

Podia and Teachable also provide marketing tools such as email marketing, affiliate management system, and third-party Integrations to increase the reach of your courses.

One thing you shortly know about these platforms is that none of these platforms offer sales funnel builder or marketing automation, etc.

So without wasting any time let’s start comparing these platforms and let’s know which platform comes out on top in this head-to-head comparison.

Teachable vs Podia: In-depth Comparison

Now, let’s compare Teachable vs Podia and we’ll talk about everything regarding these two platforms one by one including their features, pricing, support, and much more.

Course Builder

Just by its name, you would have known that course builder is used to structuring your course as well as used to upload your course.

Both course builders allow drag and drop to easily structure your course modules and both are very easy-to-use builders.

You can also upload your content in bulk because both platforms allow bulk uploading also.

When you use a platform for a month or longer then you know exactly which platform is best and that’s where I realized that Teachable course builder is slightly better than the Podia course builder.

Teachable vs Podia
Teachable Course Builder

Teachable course builders provide flexibility and what I really like about it is its cloud importing feature which allows you to import your content from any third-party storage platform like Google Drive, and Dropbox which Podia doesn’t provide as of right now.

Cloud importing lets you upload your content super fast compared to normal importing and it’s a really helpful feature in my view.

One more thing I like about Teachable is that it’s a lot easier to use compared to Podia. Assume that you want to delete a particular lesson or want to change its setting.

You can do it so easily in Teachable by selecting multiple lessons at once and then you can delete it or change its settings but on Podia you can only delete one lesson at a time.

Course Creation

You need to create a course to sell on these two platforms and after that, you just need to add few details regarding the course.

Curriculum builder lets you add sections and that’s where you’ll have lectures. In Teachable, you can add various types of content like texts, files, and quizzes, etc.

In Podia, you can add various types of content like texts, files, links, and quizzes, etc.

Teachable lets you provide a course completion certificate to your students when they finish their course but Podia doesn’t provide this feature.

Another great feature Podia provide you is reports of various things like video watch time, lecture completion, quizzes, and engagement, etc.

I really like the feature in which you can see which student has completed how much of its course.


Memberships are a great way to generate recurring income because the membership model works on getting users to subscribe to your content.

Teachable doesn’t have a separate membership feature so what you need to do is bundle multiple courses together and set their price point as subscription-based but on other hand Podia is different.

Teachable vs Podia
Podia Memberships

Podia has a separate membership section that you can use to create multiple plans with different pricing and then you can upload your membership content.

Podia offers a separate section for membership and also provides more features than Teachable so in the membership feature Podia is a clear winner.

Digital Products

Podia is a top-notch platform that allows you to sell digital products also but Teachable doesn’t allow you to sell digital products.

You can create separate sales pages in Podia for your product and It also gives you upsell features while selling your digital products.

If in the future you want to sell digital products along with courses then Podia can be the perfect platform for you.

You can even sell digital products related to your course to your already enrolled students using Podia to maximize your earnings potential.

If you wanted to sell digital products using Teachable then you have to use third-party shopping cart platforms like ThriveCart or Samcart.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is another marketing strategy to increase the sales of your courses and keep engaging your students in your courses and it’s also a great way to promote a new course or a product.

Teachable provides a decent email marketing feature and it allows you to keep in touch with your students by regularly emailing them.

Teachable has a decent email marketing system but it isn’t the best one in the market because it doesn’t have Drip or auto sending of emails.

Teachable vs Podia
Teachable Email Marketing

When we talk about Podia it has a Drip functionality plus auto-trigger of emails to send the newsletter.

Drip campaigns really help a lot when it comes to email marketing because you can send an automatic series of emails to your students who have signed up for your pre-launch offers.

Drip Campaigns also help you in bringing more sales of your courses because you can also send these emails to users who have opted for trial or using free online courses.

Email Marketing is a very important part of any online business and we all know how powerful is email marketing in today’s world and my opinion Podia has better overall email marketing features than Teachable.


Teachable comes with lots of features when it comes to customization. You can change logos, colors, fonts, and buttons, etc to customize your store or website.

The powerful editor helps so much in editing all kinds of various pages like checkout pages, thank you pages, and sales pages which makes it super easy to customize everything.

On the other hand, Podia also has a very good editor which also helps so much in editing our website and its pages.

There’s nothing wrong with Podia editor but In my opinion, Teachable editor has more features and more customization options than Podia.

Third-Party Integrations

Now let’s talk about third-party Integrations in this Teachable vs Podia comparison. Integrations with other tools or platforms are very important to maximize the features of either Teachable or Podia whichever you prefer to use.

Both Teachable and Podia can be Integrated with lots of email marketing tools, payments processors, analytics tools, and so much more.

Integration with Zapier is also available on both Podia and Teachable which is excellent.

Teachable vs Podia
Podia Integrations

Teachable allows Integrations with ConvertKit and MailChimp. If we talk about Podia it allows Integrations with ConvertKit, MailChimp, Aweber, Getresponse, Drip, and MailerLite.

In terms of Integrating with email marketing platforms, Podia offers lots more than Teachable and because both allow Zapier Integrations it gives you limitless power you which of course is an indirect Integration but still very helpful.

If we also talk about the Integrations with analytics platforms then both allow Integrations with Facebook Pixel, Sumo, Google analytics, and much more.

Payment Processors

Whenever we want to sell our product, course, or membership online we have to set up our payment processor to collect payments from our users or students who will buy the Course.

Both Teachable and Podia provide you an option of collecting your payment on a one-time basis or a recurring basis and Teachable also allows you to collect payments in multiple currencies.

Podia doesn’t allow you to take payments in multiple currencies. If we talk about taking recurring payments both platforms give you the power to take recurring payments either every month or on an annual basis.

Teachable vs Podia
Teachable Payment Processors

Teachable allows users to pay for the Course through PayPal, and Credit Cards (Stripe). You just have to Integrate your PayPal or Stripe account with Teachable and you will easily get your money.

Similarly with Podia you just need to Integrate your PayPal and Stripe account with Podia to get your money easily and students can very easily buy your courses.

Both platforms are quite similar in terms of Payment Processors but The Major difference is Teachable charges you a Transaction fee but on the other hand, Podia doesn’t charge you any kind of transaction fee.

Affiliate Management System

An affiliate management system allows course sellers to let affiliate marketers promote their courses and generate sales for them and in return, they will get some percentage of commission for the sale.

Teachable and Podia both provide an affiliate management system to easily allow affiliate marketers to promote your courses and both have quite the same features.

One major difference is that Teachable allows you to set the custom length of the cookie duration of your affiliate links and Podia doesn’t allow you to change cookie duration and by default, it will be a 14-day cookie duration for your affiliate links.

With Teachable you can also set different commission values for different affiliates. For example, one affiliate can get a 30% commission while the other can get a 40% commission.

One thing you should keep in mind is that both Teachable and Podia only allow Affiliate management in their 2nd tier plans, not in their starting plans.

Customer Support

Now let’s talk about another important feature in this Teachable vs Podia comparison post which is who provides better customer support.

Support is a very important factor whenever you want to start a business or want to start selling your products or courses through some third-party platform like Teachable and Podia.

Teachable will provide you email support if you buy their basic plan and if you want live chat support then you have to buy a Teachable professional plan.

If we talk about Podia, They provide email support and chat support on all the plans of the Podia.

Apart from support, both Podia and Teachable also provide a knowledge base where you can get the answers to your basic questions through the how-to articles.

Another great thing I like about Podia is if you are on some other platform right now then you can ask for free migration from their customer support which will migrate your content and users.

Teachable also has a Facebook group where users can get answers to their questions and some Teachable team members also answer in this Community.

Cost & Pricing

Next up in this Podia vs Teachable comparison post, let’s talk about their pricing and what features you will get in which plan.

Teachable Pricing

First, let’s talk about the pricing of Teachable.

Basic Plan – $39/Month

In the basic plan of Teachable, It provides course products, unlimited students, instant payments, 2 admin-level users, coupon codes, and most importantly a five percent transaction fee.

Pro Plan – $119/Month

The pro plan is the most recommended plan by Teachable and it provides all the basic features of a basic plan, an affiliate management system, no teachable branding, no transaction fee for 5 admin-level users, and a course completion certificate.

Business Plan – $299/Month

In the business plan, the user will get all the features of Teachable including all the features of basic and pro plan.

The business plan includes custom user roles, advanced-level theme customization, group coaching calls, 20 admin-level users, importing the students manually, and so much more.

Podia Pricing

Now let’s talk about the pricing of Podia.

Mover Plan – $39/Month

This is the starting plan of Podia and it offers good features like selling digital products, designing your website, email marketing, selling courses, hosting files but you can’t sell memberships using this plan.

Shaker Plan – $79/Month

This is a great plan for those who want to get all the features of Podia. This plan includes all the features of the Mover Plan plus you will also get features like an affiliate management system, offsite buy buttons, and selling memberships.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Next up in this Teachable vs Podia post, I will answer some Frequently asked questions regarding these two-course selling platforms.

Can I Sell Digital Products Using Teachable or Podia?

Only Podia lets you sell digital products but you can’t sell digital products using Teachable.

What Are The Transaction Fee Of Teachable And Podia?

Teachable only charges a transaction fee of five percent in the basic plan and Podia doesn’t charge a transaction fee.

Do Teachable And Podia Provide Free Trials?

Yes, Both Teachable and Podia provide 14-day Free Trial to new users to test their platform.

Do These Platforms Provide Migration Service?

Teachable provides migration service only in the Shaker Plan and Teachable doesn’t provide migration service.

Does Teachable Integrate With MailerLite?

Yes, Teachable can be integrated with MailerLite.

Teachable vs Podia Final Verdict

We have talked about everything regarding these two platforms including their features, pricing, and all, and now talk about which platform will be the best for you.

If you are just looking to sell your courses online then I think Teachable can be the best choice for you and as you may know, Teachable platform is specially made for course sellers.

On the other hand, Podia is a complete all-in-one platform for multiple purposes like selling courses, selling memberships, and selling digital products. If you are looking for an overall solution and want a multi-featured platform then you should go for Podia.

Both platforms have some strong points and some weak points also but it all depends on you because you have to take a decision on which features is your priority and you can’t compromise with that feature and then you should go for that platform according to their features.

Teachable provides you with a 14-day Free Trial to test the platform and Podia also provides a 14-day Free Trial to check the full potential of the platform. So I think it’s great that these platforms provide Free Trials and I think you should definitely give it a try.

I really hope this Teachable vs Podia comparison helped you.

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