Podia Review [2021]: Is This Platform Really Worth Buying?














  • Easy To Use Interface
  • No Transaction Fee
  • Affordable plans
  • Unlimited Courses, Sales, And Bandwidth
  • Integrations With Lots Of Platforms


  • Not Much Options In Terms Of Customization
  • Memberships Are Only Available In Shaker Plan

If you are looking for a platform to sell online courses, digital products, and memberships then Podia can be a good platform that you should definitely consider and that’s why in this Podia Review we’ll look at how good exactly is Podia.

Selling courses and digital products online is a highly profitable way to make money online and many people’s main source of earning money online is selling courses to earn a hefty amount of money.

Selling products online requires a good platform that will host your products plus it will also take care of the checkout process to sell the products without much hassle and Podia does exactly the same.

From your perspective, you should look for an all-in-one platform that provides the best possible value to your customers and which best suits your business requirements.

We’ll see if Podia can be the platform for you that completes all the aspects of setting up a successful online business to sell digital products online.

So without wasting much time let’s get started.

Podia Overview

Owned BySpencer Fry
Front-End Price$39/mo
Product TypeEcommerce
SupportEffective Response
Official siteClick Here
RecommendedHighly Recommended
Skill Level NeededAll Levels
Podia Review

What Is Podia?

Podia is an all in one platform which can be used to sell online courses, memberships, and digital products.

Anyone can use Podia to create and sell courses and it has all the required tools like hosting your products, easy checkout process, providing the best customer support, etc.

Not only you can sell digital products on Podia but you can do a lot more with Podia to make it more powerful like Integrating it with email marketing services, promoting Webinars, and allowing affiliates to promote your products.

You can create a beautiful storefront in Podia without any coding knowledge to attract your customers for more sales and the best part about Podia is it doesn’t even charge a transaction fee.

Getting started on Podia is very easy and Newbies doesn’t require any additional knowledge to set up things at an initial stage like creating a course and setting up a storefront.

Podia lets you create professional pages using drag and drop page builder so that you customize every page element using Podia editor.

There is a big reason why many people already trust and use Podia because, in reality, it’s a true all-in-one platform to automate your work as much as possible.

Podia Features & Benefits

Now we know very well what Is Podia and what it does, now let’s look at the features Podia will provide you.

Podia Review

Sales Pages

Podia lets you create a professional sales page using its Podia builder and you can add various things like text, images, video, testimonials, etc on your sales pages to make it more appealing.

Customizing any element on the sales page is possible, for many people the customizing options can be less but in my opinion, the customizing options are more than enough.

The checkout buttons are easily embeddable at any platform you want and you can even pre-launch your product to start promoting your product as soon as possible.

This will make your customers aware of your product and it can make your customers curious about your product and it can be an excellent strategy to ignite interest in your customers if used properly.

Podia claims that the customers can check out for any product in just 12 seconds and in reality, its checkout process is really super fast and easy but I don’t think 12 seconds is actually the correct number.

No Transaction Fee

Podia doesn’t charge any kind of transaction fee, which means even if you earn thousands of dollars per month you don’t need to pay a single penny to Podia as a transaction fee.

You can easily withdraw the money you will earn in your bank account through PayPal or Stripe with no limit to getting the payout.

Everything Unlimited

Many platforms online use sneaky tactics to limit the resources you will use in their platform and that’s why using a trusted platform like Podia is extremely important.

Podia doesn’t put any kind of limitation on your users like you can sell an unlimited amount of products, courses, host as many files as you want.

No matter how much sales you generate using Podia, you don’t require to pay any extra fee or choose a higher plan of Podia because everything is unlimited in Podia.

Online Courses

Not only Podia lets you sell your courses but you can also create a course using Podia with a wide range of features and tools available for you with zero transaction fee.

You can add as many students with unlimited content and you don’t require any kind of coding knowledge because Podia will handle all sorts of things like hosting your content and technical aspects.

Podia Review

If you are already using another platform then Podia can Migrate your content for free from that platform if you want, and more than 25,000+ happy creators are already using Podia as the best course platform.

Creating a course on Podia is very simple and easy. Podia accepts payment from PayPal and Stripe which are the two most popular payment gateways plus you can also offer coupons to your customers which can increase the sales of your courses.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is the advanced way of making money online and in fact, it’s the best way to double your revenue because people tend to convert better with email marketing and that is why lots of marketers use it.

Podia also provides you email marketing tools that will help you so much in sending newsletters and promotional emails to make people aware of your business and products to convert them into your customers.

Podia Review

You can also send emails to your email list plus you can set up a funnel to further increase the conversion rate because a funnel creates awareness in your customer’s minds to push them all the way to buy your products.

Podia also offers you all the stats regarding your email marketing like how many people are opening your emails, click rates, and all so that you have a better understanding of where you need to improve.


Memberships are a great way to earn recurring revenue plus it also builds a good relationship with your customers because you will publish content as much as you can and it keeps your customers active and aware of your relationship with them.

Using Podia you can give your customers as many membership levels as you want, and you can also send email notifications to your audience whenever you publish new content.

Podia Review

Podia claims that they have all in one platform to sell membership which is completely unlimited in every aspect of can think of like you can have unlimited members, unlimited membership plans, unlimited sales, etc.

Whatever information you will collect, you will have full control over that information and Podia will not take any transaction fee for the memberships you will sell plus handy support from Podia will always be available for you.


Webinars is another great way of making money online and you have the option to whether you want to sell your webinars or you want to offer your webinars as a lead magnet to collect emails.

You can even offer webinars with your other products like courses, digital video, memberships, and all because as Podia claims it’s an all-in-one platform that hosts everything in one place.

If you are a coach, online marketer, speaker, or teacher then you can use Podia to sell Webinars for your audience and most importantly it charge zero transaction fee which means you will keep all the profit.

Digital Downloads

Digital Downloads is an excellent way to grow your email list by offering lead magnets like ebooks to take the email address of your potential customers.

You can also sell digital downloads directly and there’s no limit to the products you can add with multiple payment gateways available for you to collect payment securely.

The time your customer will complete its payment, the digital product will be delivered automatically to him and Podia will not charge any transaction fee.

Podia also provides you multiple tools and features to market your products using email marketing, pre-launching, pre-selling, and much more.


Using the Messaging feature in Podia can help you build trust with your customers and eventually helps you to sell more products and memberships because knowing your customers is very important.

Live chat is a great way for your customers to talk to you and if they have any confusion or query regarding your products then you can assist them through live chat.

Even if you are not available at the time someone asks you a question, Podia will gather all the questions so that you can answer them later.

In my opinion, it’s a unique but very helpful feature that can definitely help you build trust with your customers, and most importantly you can interact with your customers.

Affiliate Marketing

Podia also lets Affiliates to promote and sell your products in return for a percentage of commission you will set for them. You will have full control over your affiliate program, you can set how much commission affiliates will earn for each sale they generate for you.

This is an excellent way to promote your products through other affiliate marketers and in return you only have to pay them some percentage of share and you can keep the remaining share without doing any hard work of selling your courses and products.

Podia Demo

Podia Review

Who Should Use Podia?

If you are looking to sell Online Courses, Memberships, Webinars, Digital Downloads then Podia can be a perfect platform for you and I personally also think it’s an all-in-one platform that provides lots of value to their customers.

Not only Podia let you sell different products but it also provides additional features like email marketing, upsells, free migration, messaging, and so much more.

Podia doesn’t put any limitations on hosting unlimited products, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited sales, unlimited customers, Integration with multiple tools, and, amazing customer support, etc.

Is Podia Worth Buying?

In my opinion Yes, Podia is 100% worth buying considering its features and pricing. We already know that more than 25,000 people are using Podia and the reason behind this is its flexibility, top-notch features, less pricing with providing the best value possible.

I really like the flexibility Podia provides to their customers like you can add a custom URL while setting up your website, with multiple currencies and languages available with free migration.

The best thing I like about Podia is that it doesn’t charge any transaction fee which is an extremely useful feature because in the future if you build a next-level business then only you will get the whole revenue.

Podia Pricing

Now let’s talk about the pricing of Podia and what you’ll get in the plans Podia offers.

Podia Review

14-Day Free Trial

Podia is allowing everyone to test their platform and then decide if it’s the best platform for you or not and Podia is currently offering 14-Day Free Trial (No Credit Card Required).

Mover Plan – $39/Month

This can be a good plan for those who are just looking to start selling digital products. You can create your website, sell online courses, do email marketing, and much more using this plan but this plan doesn’t let you sell memberships.

Shaker Plan – $79/Month

This is the perfect plan for anyone if you really want to take maximum benefit of Podia because this plan offers every feature of Podia. Features like selling memberships, affiliate marketing, Offsite buy buttons are available in this plan.

Podia only offers two plans and you can even SAVE $78 in Mover Plan and SAVE $158 in Shaker Plan if you buy it Annually.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Next up I’ll answer some frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding Podia and will clear your basic doubts regarding this platform.

Is Podia Free?

No, Podia doesn’t offer any free version but they are definitely offering a 14-Day Free Trial which you can use to test the platform.

Is Podia Safe And Legit?

Of course, Podia is a genuine and trusted platform which many people are already using and you can also use it to sell courses and memberships.

Is Using Podia Easy?

Yes, Podia offers the best possible features to their customers, whether you want to build a sales page or want to add a product, everything is so easy and simple in Podia.

What Is The Price Of Podia?

Currently, Podia is offering two plans:

  • Mover Plan – $39/Month
  • Shaker Plan – $79/Month

How Good Is Podia Support?

Podia support is best in class because their average response time is less than 2 minutes and they offer live chat support plus a help center is also available for you.

Podia Review Conclusion

Now let’s conclude this Podia Review, I really recommend Podia to anyone who wants to build a successful online business by selling online courses, memberships, and, digital downloads, etc.

I really agree with Podia creator’s claim that it’s an all one platform that offers everything to their customers at a very less price comparing to other platforms online.

If you are still confused about whether Podia is the right platform for you or not then I highly recommend you to try its 14-Day Free Trial to test this platform and it’s the best way to know whether Podia is right for you or not.

If you have any questions or confusion regarding Podia then you can ask me by commenting below and I hope you liked my Podia Review.

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