SendOwl Review [2021]: Features, Pricing, And The Real Truth














  • Simple And Easy Interface
  • Affiliate Management System
  • Professional Checkout Template
  • Lots Of Payment Models
  • Integration With Popular Platforms


  • No A/B testing
  • Limited Templates Customization
  • No Quick Support Such As Live Chat

Many people think that the best way to make money online is through Affiliate marketing but that’s not true, selling digital products online is way more profitable than affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is still a great option to earn a good amount of money but selling our own digital products is more profitable and advantageous compared to affiliate marketing.

If you start selling your digital products in a particular niche then you can build yourself as a big brand and authority in that particular niche and that way your customers will always come back to buy it from you.

The biggest profit in selling our own digital products is that we have full control over our products and most importantly we will get the maximum profit of the sales in our pocket.

In affiliate marketing, we only get some percentage of profit from the sales we generate for those products but if we sell our own products then we will keep the full profit from our products.

Selling our own digital products can be a tough task without using an eCommerce platform and that’s why in this SendOwl Review, we’ll talk about how SendOwl can help you easily sell your products.

SendOwl Overview

Owned ByGeorge Palmer
Front-End Price$9/mo
Product TypeEcommerce
SupportEffective Response
Official siteClick Here
RecommendedHighly Recommended
Skill Level NeededAll Levels
SendOwl Review

What Is SendOwl?

SendOwl is an eCommerce platform that helps you to sell digital products, Subscriptions, and software, etc. It can be very handy for small businesses and bloggers because SendOwl is one of the easiest platforms to start selling products quickly.

SendOwl was founded by George Palmer in 2010, Selling products through WordPress and any content management system (CMS) is possible using SendOwl. 

SendOwl provides your customers with a safe checkout process when they decide to buy your products without charging any transaction fee which can be so beneficial for you in the long run.

SendOwl also provides an amazing customer experience which is another important aspect of the business, the better experience you will provide your customers, the better chances you will have of selling more products.

Getting started and using SendOwl is so easy and you can use SendOwl anywhere like social media, website, and email, etc to sell your products.

Once your business gets bigger and you feel the need to scale your business to the next level then that’s also possible using SendOwl and then you will be able to sell more products.

SendOwl Features & Benefits

Now we know what exactly is SendOwl and how it can help you and your business, now let’s see what are the features SendOwl offers us.

SendOwl not only handles the sales process of your business but also helps you market or promote your business by managing taxes, which shows us it’s a complete solution for setting up a business online.

Easy Setup

The setup process of SendOwl is very easy, and you will hardly take 5 minutes to set up the basic information of the product like product description and all.

The best thing about SendOwl is you can put more time and energy into building strategies regarding your products rather than building a cart.

Lots of software in the market requires a huge learning curve to start using their software but SendOwl is completely different and anyone can use it without any hassle.


SendOwl provides some very clean and beautiful templates to build a shopping cart. You also have the option to give branding to your cart to build trust in front of your customers.

SendOwl Review

There are so many other platforms in the market that offers multiple templates with more options but it all depends on you, for me personally I’m really satisfied with the templates SendOwl provides.

Affiliate Management System

This feature can be so helpful and handy for your business because it will let affiliate marketers promote your products through their marketing strategies and you relaxing and receiving sales of your products.

In return, you will have to give some percentage share out of the sales to your affiliates. You will have complete control over how much percentage you want to pay your affiliates.

SendOwl Review

SendOwl will handle all complex things like tracking your affiliate, analytics which will help you understand better about your affiliate sales so that you know which part is required and improvement.

Setting up all the things for your affiliates is quite an easy process and in just some minutes you can let people promote your products or services with ease.

Payment Gateways

Now let’s talk about the last process which requires us to use one of the payment gateways that SendOwl is providing us.

SendOwl is offering payment gateways like Stripe, PayPal, Shopify, Apple Pay, BitPay, Giropay, etc. If we see the list which I think covers the most needed and popular payment gateways but yeah there is room for improvement in this feature.

SendOwl Review

If you wish to sell subscription-based products then you can offer a trial period to your customers which builds huge trust in front of them and this feature can help you kickstart your business at the initial level because nobody hates trial.

You can even set up multiple payment gateways which is an excellent feature by SendOwl because it gives your customers multiple options to choose the most suited payment gateway according to them.

Another helpful feature SendOwl provides is to set a duration for a service or a subscription which means you don’t have to put your customers in a situation where they have to decide whether they want to buy or not because many people hesitate to buy it.

SendOwl really deserves huge appreciation for its top-notch payment gateways features which provide excellent value to customers.

Email Marketing Integrations

Building an email list is an essential part of the business and email marketing is an advanced strategy that every online business should implement in their business to double the sales.

SendOwl supports all the major email marketing services like MailChimp, ConvertKit, Campaign Monitor, GetResponse, Aweber, Constant Contact, Drip, ActiveCampaign, etc.

You can very easily connect any of these tools to SendOwl so easily and start selling your products through email marketing and build a profitable list of recurring customers.

Webinar Integrations

If you are looking to sell webinars and this a priority feature for you then I will recommend you to look for another tool because SendOwl is not providing the best possible features in webinar Integrations.

You can use Zapier to integrate lots of tools with SendOwl which is a plus point but overall I didn’t really like its webinar Integrations but Integrating with Zapier can be so helpful.

Membership Services Integrations

SendOwl supports quite good membership services like MemberMouse, WishList, and S2Member Pro but most importantly the popular platforms like Teachable and Thinkific are not available in SendOwl.

If this feature is a priority for your business then I will suggest you go for ThriveCart which offers a wide range of membership platforms.

Zapier is one way to use the platform of your choice but still, lots of businesses want to connect the platforms directly they wish to use and it all depends on your preference which way you want to go.

Customer Support

SendOwl support center is very well organized. Whatever problem you face regarding SendOwl can be solved in some minutes, all thanks to its exceptional customer support.

SendOwl provides support through email, which can be slow for some people if they require quick support and they also have a knowledge base which can be so helpful to solve our basic queries.

If you want a shopping cart platform with amazing support, then SendOwl can be s very good choice.

Other Additional Features

  • Multi-language – No matter from whichever country your customers are from, they will see the checkout pages in their native language.
  • Upsells – Upsells can drastically boost your sales to the next level and SendOwl exactly does that.
  • Cart Abandonments – This is another nice feature.
  • Discounts – Offer discounts to your customers to increase the chances of sales.
  • Safe And Secure – SendOwl will provide security if the highest level so that only you can benefit from your products, delivery of the products will be safe plus PDF stamping will also put your business on the safe side.
  • Scalability – No matter how many sales you are generating, SendOwl can very easily handle as many sales as possible.
  • Branding – SendOwl lets you do branding to build trust in front of your customers.
  • Analytics – keeping an eye on your business is very important and SendOwl provides an analytics dashboard with a reporting system to build a successful business.

SendOwl Demo

SendOwl Review

Who Should Use SendOwl?

If you are looking to sell digital products then SendOwl should be in your consideration, any online marketer can use SendOwl to initiate a profitable business online.

There are some excellent features available in SendOwl, but there are also some downsides also which depend on whether that’s an important feature for your business or not.

If you want to sell ebooks, software, courses, or subscriptions, etc, everything is possible with SendOwl with a wide range of top-notch features.

Simple and intuitive templates with popular payment gateways, excellent customer support, and Integration with many tools and services can make SendOwl so appealing to any online marketer.

Is SendOwl Worth Buying?

Yes, of course, SendOwl is worth buying because it has all the major features which any online business requires plus its pricing is very low comparing to other shopping cart platforms in the market.

If you are looking for a shopping cart platform with low pricing, then SendOwl can be perfect for you but first, you should consider the features that are must-have for you.

After that access, if SendOwl provides those features or not and then decide, One thing which I really like about SendOwl is its ability to scale your business whenever you want.

Think once your business reaches new heights and you require better experience then SendOwl can handle as many sales as possible because of its high scalability feature.

Considering its pricing SendOwl is worth every penny you will spend on it, There is no match to SendOwl’s pricing which provides almost the same features comparing to other shopping cart platforms in almost half of the price.

SendOwl Pricing

Next, let’s talk about the most important aspect of SendOwl, and let’s see how much it will cost you.

SendOwl Review

30-Day Free Trial

If you still are unsure whether SendOwl could be a perfect solution for your business or not, then I highly recommend you to use it’s 30-Day Free Trial (No Credit Card Required) to test the platform.

Basic Plan – $9/Month

The basic plan, in my opinion, doesn’t offer much and it also has limited customization options with just 1GB storage and you can only add 10 products.

Standard Plan – $15/Month

Standard Plan offers a decent amount of features like PDF stamping, you can add up to 30 products with 3GB storage, and an affiliate center also available.

Premium Plan – $24/Month

This is the most popular plan of SendOwl because it offers the highest possible value. Features like Upsells, Customization, 5 GB storage, and many features are available in this plan.

Business Plan – $39/Month

This is the most complete plan of SendOwl which offers all the features like 3 Subscriptions, Multiple users, Cart Abandonments, Video streaming, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Now let’s talk about the frequently asked questions regarding SendOwl.

Is SendOwl Free?

No, SendOwl is not free and you can test it by using its 30-Day Free Trial (No Credit Card Required).

Is SendOwl Safe And Legit?

Yes, SendOwl is absolutely safe and legit shopping cart platform used to sell digital products online.

Is Using SendOwl Easy?

Yes, using SendOwl is so easy and you will hardly face any issue while using it and there is a knowledge base and excellent support is also available for your convenience.

How Much Does SendOwl Cost?

Currently, SendOwl is providing these 4 various plans:

  • Basic Plan – $9/Month
  • Standard Plan – $15/Month
  • Premium Plan – $24/Month
  • Business Plan – $39/Month

How Good Is SendOwl Support?

The support SendOwl provides is quite good and its knowledge base is also very helpful for beginners.

SendOwl Review Conclusion

SendOwl has a big reputation online and that clearly shows why they are in this business for so long, SendOwl highly prioritizes that their customers get the best value for the money they are spending.

If I look at its overall features then I’m really impressed with SendOwl especially considering its price point which unbelievably low comparing to other eCommerce shopping cart platforms online.

If you want to sell any digital product online then I would highly recommend you to start it with SendOwl because at the initial level its price is very low.

I hope you liked my SendOwl Review in which I talked about SendOwl’s every aspect which you need to know including its features, pricing, pros, cons, and my personal verdict.

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