SamCart Review [2021]: Is SamCart Really Worth Buying?














  • Easy To Use
  • Training Resources Is Available For Beginners
  • One-Click Upsells And Downsells
  • Free SSL Certificates For Security
  • Built-in VAT And Sales Tax System


  • Not A Cheap Platfrom For Beginners
  • Need To Buy Higher Plan To Get Affiliate Center

There is so much hype about SamCart in the market but the big question remains in everyone’s mind is SamCart really worth it? Let’s find out in this SamCart Review.

To run any kind of online business, online store, or even if you want to sell physical products or digital products, you need a reliable shopping cart.

Selling digital products like ebooks, membership, courses, or any kind of training or coaching program, a perfect checkout platform is highly needed to sell digital products.

You must be looking for a checkout platform that offers multiple billing options like you can bill your customers on monthly basis and on a one-time fee basis.

Consider the safety of the checkout platform is also important because often customers worry about whether the payment information they are entering is safe or not and customers look for a secure payment gateway so that their payment details stay safe.

Facing any kind of problem in business is quite obvious but if you have good and fast support that can solve all your problems in quick time then that platform is really worth considering SamCart does have excellent support which we’ll talk about later in this review.

Without wasting any time let’s talk everything about SamCart including its features, pros, cons, pricing, and much more.

SamCart Overview

Owned ByBrian Moran and Scott Moran
Front-End Price$49/mo
Product TypeEcommerce
SupportEffective Response
Official siteClick Here
RecommendedHighly Recommended
Skill Level NeededAll Levels

What Is SamCart?

SamCart is a shopping cart platform that lets businesses sell products through SamCart. As I said before you can sell ebooks, memberships, courses, consultancy, coaching, or any products.

To sell anything on SamCart you don’t need any kind of technical knowledge, it’s a ready-made solution for new and small businesses that are just looking to start their business.

In 2003, SamCart was founded by Brian Moran and Scott Moran. It’s quite a long time since they started this platform and the best part is they are kept on improving the platform and that is the main reason that even so many years later we are still talking about their platform.

It’s a web-based platform that can be integrated with many email marketing services which are extremely useful to create a sales funnel that converts customers very well.

Users can create amazing shopping cart pages with SamCart in next to no time without any technical skill.

SamCart Features & Benefits

Now that we know much about what is SamCart and what it does for its customers, now let’s talk about its features and benefits in this review.

SamCart Review

1-Click Upsells

Do you know some businesses generate more revenue from upsells than the original product simply by offering additional products to their customers through a sales funnel or direct selling?

An upsell can be anything like a product or a service but the best part is SamCart can create these upsells in quick time and you can also track your Upsells So that you can know which upsell is doing good for you.

Checkout Pages

There are so many pre-made templates are available for you that are already proven templates that will benefit your business.

All the templates have testimonials and high converting elements that will build trust in front of your customers and eventually you will generate more sales with the help of these tried and tested templates.

After selecting your desired template, You can even customize the template for giving the same look and feel at the page according to your choice. You can change the colors of buttons, headers, and footers.

You can even explain the features and benefits of your product by using bullet points and by using the different fields.

The pages you will make using these templates will be mobile-friendly which in my opinion is very important considering more and more people are accessing the internet from mobile.

Another important feature SamCart offers to its users is that you can test everything including page elements and payments without making any transaction.

A/B Testing

SamCart allows it’s users to run live split tests so that you can fully test which thing is working for your business and which thing is not. You have complete control over the testing and you can change almost all of the settings.

You can test different templates, changing the fields, change guarantees, etc. You just need to create the variations and then SamCart will test out the different variations for you and after getting the result you can disable the variation that didn’t perform well.

One-Page Checkout

This feature is very vital because it allows you to add multiple payment methods to a checkout page and having multiple payment options gives your customers more options and you get more chances of a sale.

It happens very often that a customer wants to buy a particular product but his desired payment method is not available and then he’ll buy from somewhere else but that’s not the case with SamCart.

Cross-Selling Bumps

Cross-selling is an excellent way of generating more money. What I mostly like about Cross-Selling is that you know what kind of product your customer has already bought and then you suggest them to buy similar products.

How many times it happens to us when we buy any product online, Then we receive additional product emails that suggest us to buy more similar products and that’s only possible once we know the interest of the customer.

Multiple Payments

Do you know that if you charge your customers by giving the option of multiple payments then you can increase your sales by 17.8%

It’s very much like an EMI but there is no interest added, assume the price of the product you are selling is $300, you can give your customers the option to pay that $300 in 3 chunks of $100.

When the customers see that they don’t have to make a full payment right now, there is a higher chance that you can convert more people.

Automatic Coupons

Customers tend to buy much more easily if there is a coupon or a discount is available for them and businesses to love to offer coupons to their customers to increase sales.

SamCart offers exactly that, You can easily add coupons in SamCart. You can create multiple coupons with different validity of the coupons like monthly and yearly.

Affiliate Management

If you want other people to promote your products online then SamCart also provides you an Affiliate dashboard and people online can easily promote your products online.

You have full control over who will promote your products as an affiliate, you have the option to auto-approve or manually approve the affiliate applications.

The cookie duration of an affiliate program is significant, and by default, you will have a 30 day cookie period, but you can increase it to a maximum of 999 days.

You can also set how much percentage an affiliate will earn, by default it will be set at 50% commission but you can change it according to you, and you can also decide whether the commission will be one time or recurring.

You can track everything about the Affiliates at the Affiliate dashboard but note that this feature is only available in the Scale plan.


SamCart integrates with almost every tool in the market like payment providers, email marketing tools, membership tools, and page builders.

SamCart also has multiple payment processors like PayPal, Stripe, Braintree, and Most people pay using PayPal for buying products but SamCart is offering multiple options for your customers.

Reporting System

Reporting is a very important feature because using the reporting section you can track how good a product is performing and how much revenue it’s generating for you on daily basis.

SamCart’s reporting system is very clean and easy to understand and it helps a lot for your business because keeping an eye on stats is very important.

Understanding the reports is very easy on SamCart and I really like their reporting system and it’s really a very handy feature that helps us analyze our business.

Excellent Support

Let’s face it whenever we try to do something new we all face problems but if there is someone who can help us solve those problems then doing that thing becomes easy for us.

SamCart exactly does the same, With the help of SamCart, you won’t face any problem because they have a complete team that is always ready to solve your problems.

SamCart provides multiple support like Live chat support, Email Support, a Help Center where you can get answers to your basic questions, and a Facebook Group.

How To Use SamCart?

Now let’s see how you can easily use SamCart and start selling your products.

  • First, add the product you want to sell whether it’s a physical product or a digital product.
  • Now select the type of payment you want to receive for your product, you can charge your customers one-time payment or a recurring subscription-based payment.
  • Now set up your checkout Page by choosing the best template according to you, all the templates are tried and tested that are highly convertible.
  • Now you can change the elements you don’t like in the template, you can fully change the template according to you for giving the same look and feel on the whole page.
  • At last add the upsells, coupons, and start testing which things work for you and which things don’t work.

SamCart is super easy to set up, the maximum time it will take for you to set up a shopping cart is 30 minutes and then you can start your business up and running and the best part is SamCart is such a popular software, It has tons of free tutorials available on YouTube.

SamCart Demo

Who Should Use SamCart?

Those who want to sell their products online can use SamCart, Whether it’s digital products, physical products, courses, or a service, etc.

SamCart is perfect for small and medium-sized businesses, if you have a large range of products and services then SamCart could be perfect for you because then you can cross-sell and upsell your customers very well.

For beginners SamCart is perfect because you are just starting out your business and it’s not a good idea to straight away try and spend money on bigger platforms, Once you gain experience then you can shift to the bigger platforms.

Overall, any internet marketer can use SamCart to make money online, the features list of SamCart is so long that any beginner would feel he has more than enough features and advantages.

Is SamCart Worth Buying?

It depends on you because if you are a complete beginner or even if you have a medium-sized business then SamCart is the perfect web-based tool for you but if you already have established a reputation business then I doubt SamCart is for you.

There are so many shopping cart platforms available on the internet for bigger established businesses but unfortunately, SamCart isn’t recommended for bigger businesses but for small and medium-sized businesses it’s an amazing platform.

With its features, pricing, integration with other platforms, multiple Payments options, it’s really tough to find a weakness in this platform and overall, I really think it’s definitely a good to go platform.

SamCart Pricing

Next up comes the most important question in this SamCart Review, Is how much does SamCart costs? Let’s know!

SamCart Review

14-day Free Trial

SamCart offers a 14-day free trial to test their platform and in my opinion, there is no harm in using the free trial to test out how good SamCart is actually.

Launch Plan – $49/Month

The minimum cost for SamCart is $49/month with multiple features included like create unlimited pages, add unlimited products, and use all the templates.

Grow Plan – $99/Month

This could be the most perfect plan for everyone but it costs more money. In this plan, you will get advanced features like customer management, custom checkout fields, no SamCart branding, order bump collections, advanced reporting, etc.

Scale Plan – $199/Month

All the features SamCart have is only available in this plan, you will get amazing features like Affiliate center, subscription saver, A/B testing, cart abandonment, etc.

Do you know you can SAVE 20% by purchasing the SamCart Annual plans?

Overall, the price is good and if you have a good budget you can go with the Grow plan which I think is perfect for beginners.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Now let’s answer some basic questions regarding SamCart to clear your doubts regarding SamCart.

Is SamCart Free?

No, SamCart is not free but there is a 14-day Free Trial is available for everyone to test SamCart.

Is SamCart Legit?

Of course, SamCart is 100% Legit and anyone can use it to sell products online. The setup is quick and easy which makes SamCart an excellent platform for everyone.

Is Using SamCart Easy?

Yes, Using SamCart is very easy, anyone can set up their shopping cart pages in 30 minutes, and even if you face any problem using SamCart then there is excellent support is also available for you.

Do I Need To Pay Monthly Or Yearly For SamCart?

Totally depends on you because there are both options available for you to pay monthly and yearly but keep in mind that on the Yearly Plan you can SAVE 20%.

How Much Does SamCart Cost?

SamCart offers three plans for their customers which consists:

  • Launch Plan – $49/Month
  • Grow Plan – $99/Month
  • Scale Plan – $199/Month

How Good Is SamCart Support?

The support is very good and they reply to you very fast, Actually, SamCart put lots of efforts to give the best possible support they can.

Does SamCart Integrate With Shopify?

Yes, it’s so easy to integrate Shopify with SamCart and the best part is it doesn’t even require any technical knowledge or coding skills to integrate SamCart with Shopify.

SamCart Review Conclusion

This was my complete SamCart Review, SamCart is really one of the best checkout platforms in the market and its popularity tells it all but there are also some other platforms available that give competition to SamCart.

If you are a beginner then you should definitely consider SamCart but the pricing can be a little bit high for some people but features wise it has a complete list of features that makes this tool worth spending money on.

Overall, If you are a newbie and want to start selling your physical and digital products then SamCart could be the tool that can do wonders for your business.

I hope like this honest and In-depth SamCart Review, If you have any kind of question regarding SamCart then please Comment and I will answer it.

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